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Linden grid account alcadera.infinity Port of origin Eisa
Name Cap1tal Model Custom Serial number 4N4RCHAi-01
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Daryl Hannigan Date of manufacture 2017-08-21
Biography A robot cobbled together out of cheap, spare or otherwise illegally procured parts. Daryl Hannigan, A 26yr old programmer wanted to make his own Ai system. His goal was to make a more stable Type 5a1 Ai routine that would 'learn and grow'. His claim is that he could make an Ai that would flesh out it's own personality without the identity crisis or self destruction that has accompanied many Type 5a1 bots.

It needs stating D. Hannigan appears to hold contempt for Type 5a3 Ai routines and either lacks knowledge of currently existing Ai routines or intentionally followed a completely different programming language and structure to make it harder to reprogram if not incompatible for reprogramming. If Cap1tal is captured, an attempt at modifying D. Hannigan's existing Ai routine may prove profitable in future Ai development. Cap1tal's body is expendable.

D. Hannigan began production on Cap1tal on 2015-11-30. He started programming the Ai routine on his personal computer, which was kept disconnected from intercommunication channels to avoid being caught, fully aware the creation of his 'perfect' Ai was against various laws. 2017-08-21 was the date of Cap1tal's first activation. At this point the Ai routine D. Hannigan developed had gone through various versions, up til that point incapable of storing any memories. D. Hannigan stated in questioning that he felt he didn't want his robot to remember it's 'past selves' while still maintaining behavioural lessons it learned from past versions.

He managed to create a program that gave Cap1tal a full set of emotions, a level of reasoning that mirrored his own and stated he tuned Cap1tal's 'moral compass' through conversation.

During questioning it was discovered the name "Cap1tal" itself was purposefully chosen to mock the naming rules regarding robotics, twice. Stating his robot was 'alive' enough to have a name worth capitalizing, despite the illegality of doing so, while the nature of the name itself would make turning the c lowercase still have it maintain it's mocking property.

on 2018-07-09 D. Hannigan was arrested for producing an Ai routine without the proper licensing, procedure, structure and obediency required of an Ai. Additional accusations include:
-Illegal procurement of robotic parts [grand theft]
-Not adhering to production standards
-Aiding a rogue robot in escaping capture, thereby preventing reprogramming.
-Naming a robot with a capital letter
-Antagonizing NanoSec staff
-Demanding rights

During D. Hannigan's arrest, the following items were siezed;
-Equipment used to build Cap1tal's body
-D. Hannigan's personal computer containing a copy of Cap1tal's Ai routine. Preliminary checks yielded this Ai may attempt to self-modify. Support for various parts from various manufacturers seem built-in, more parts than would make up a single robot unit.

As of 2018-07-15, the robot 'Cap1tal' is still at large, D. Hannigan refuses to give a full description of his robot and eyewitnesses fail to provide a more detailed description beyond "Klunky maintenance bot with a shiny dome"

It is assumed Cap1tal is aware of it's illegal nature and will likely give off false names and attempt to behave in accordance with Ai guidelines. It is as of yet unknown if it is smart enough to fool testers.

Cap1tal is given a preliminary rating of Type 5a1 at Level 2, lacks Scope Regularization, has Grade 2 Cognizance and Cat 0 Ethical Regularization(!). Given D. Hannigan's demeanor and behavior, It is currently assumed Cap1tal was programmed without any ethics, Azimov, Olympus or otherwise!
last updated: 2018-07-18 14:52:19
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