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Linden grid account bandxofxorcs
Family name Vazko Personal name Al'Xarek
Affiliated organization Outer Rim Industrial Solutions and Technologies
Place of birth Oberon Station (tethered to Oberon) Date of birth
Education and work history To Xarek, most things are 'fuzzy'. Anything he absolutely needs to know is kept in a cybernetic storage unit within the 'core' of his body which also contains the reminants of his organic brain. This unit mainly holds his job tasks, skills needed to complete the job, essential identity information such as name, birthday, citizen number etc.  Details from prior jobs or nonessential personal information is housed in the organic portion of his brain. This unfortunately degrades over time do to a natural entropy his body suffers from. Consuming organic matter replenishes mass loss however doesn't repair loss memories. Its okay though...if they aren't work related...they aren't important. Genetic modifications Body consist of a protien based slime that needs to be replenished by the absorbtion of organic matter Synthetic modifications Artificial memory bank to hold vital data such as work name and work details. All other data not vital to work is stored in the organic brain in his body and subject to memory loss caused by physical trama and natural entropy Reason for immigrating work related Biography Created in a genetics lab on Oberon station. Geneticly modified human. Body mostly converted to a protein based organic slime.  Xarek is sent out mostly for 'unsavory' reasons as to reclaim passed due debts to the company or to track down and repossess assets that clients have defaulted on. Hard coded into his cybernetic brain are essential personal details and essential work details. Unfortunately much beyond that has been 'forgotten' by the brute due to his line of work and knack for getting into physical scraps. More important to him than even his own name though is the debt he has to pay off to the company for his creation. That number is also hard coded into his cybernetic brain and is a thought he dwells on a lot.
last updated: 2018-07-18 14:50:44
Al'Xarek Vazko
posted 5 years ago
Hello and thank you for considering me! I hope you find everything up to snuff!
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