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Linden grid account luscya
Family name Resident Personal name Luscya
Place of birth Reno, United States, Earth Date of birth 1990-03-01
Education and work history Bachelors degree in Robotics - Attained  2011
Bachelors degree in Human Anatomy - Attained 2013
Internship completed with BioGenesis Designs as a Junior Research Aide - Completed 2013
Escort Service - Employed from 2013 until 2014
Genetic modifications Gene-Splice to alter legs and feet into a feline shape and style. Synthetic modifications Robotic left eye, Memory Chip implant, Data Port implants (left temple, spine, several major nerve centers), Bio-Machine sex organ upgrades Reason for immigrating Seeking a 'fresh start' and employment opportunities. Biography Luscya Resident was born March 1, 1990 on Earth as the first and only child of Drei and Alfrun Resident.  Alfrun was a stay-at-home mom until Luscya was 5.  Drei worked as a Geneticist at BioGenesis Designs.  After Luscya was 5, Alfrun took work as a low-level secretary at the same company.

Childhood was simple but tedious.  Drei was a perfectionist... if you wanted to give anal-retentive asshole a polite title.  He set high expectations for both Luscya and her mother.  Getting something wrong had consequences.  Aside from his strict, sometimes violent behavior, though, Drei was a very supportive father.  Alfrun was a loving, gentle, supportive mother.  Life until the end of High School was militaristic in routine, instilling a need for order and a more-than-healthy respect for authority figures.

Once Luscya finished High-School, pressure to succeed increased substantially.  College was the singular concern in the Resident household.  Alfrun, by this time, was battling cancer and very ill.  In order to help her succeed in her college career, she pleaded with Drei for a Data Port install.  With her father's money and a generous discount on the procedure, she got a Memory Chip Implant in addition to the Data Port.  College, after that, was a breeze.

After attaining her first Bachelors in Robotics, an approving father provided a monetary congratulatory gift that Luscya used to replace her weak left eye with a robotic one.  The pressure from Drei to continue providing successful results pushed Luscya back into school at age 22.  While she was a student she completed a part-time Internship with her father's company as his Aide.  In Drei's world 'Aide' meant 'Bothersome Secretary' at first.  It took a while before she earned enough respect to even get access to the lowest-level information for the projects on which her father worked.

The internship was complete and a second degree was months from finished when Alfrun passed away.  Drei seemed unaffected.  Luscya was horrified and distraught.  She'd never thought of life without the warm, loving presence to counterbalance the cold, calculating one her father presented.  Without her there to temper the household setting, Drei's distant, uncaring behavior was all the more noticeable.  Luscya wondered when he'd changed from the reserved, strict but still supportive and caring father she'd known in youth.

The money earned from Luscya's internship and another hefty graduation gift from her father paid for several more Data Port implants along her spine and at several major nerve centers in her torso.  Though it was becoming obvious, Luscya couldn't see her own addiction to 'Upgrading'.

Getting employed with a Gentleman's club and moving away from home was the first and second things she did after her graduation.  The Gentleman's club led immediately into a change of employment to an Escort service that was often hosted at the club.  With a few high-value regular clients on the books paying for some very expensive companionship acts, Luscya found enough money very quickly to get the Sex Organ upgrades that improved pleasurable sensation in her erogenous zones, gave extreme elasticity to her vagina and pelvic muscles and allowed her clitoris to engorge well beyond ordinary size at the height of stimulation.

These upgrades were later improved upon with an addition to include a deadening of pain receptors when she realized that, though her vagina was hyper-elastic, it was incredibly painful to stretch beyond an ordinary point.

It was at this point, in late 2014, that Luscya realized the extent of her addiction to Upgrading.  A need for a change of pace, a new start, to put distance between herself and her father and to finally find employment worthy of her time spent in college has driven her to Eisa.
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