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Contacting admins

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What is there to do in Eisa?

What do we use as money?

Fictionally, Eisa Colony uses myNanite Credits, which are a form of company scrip issued by Nanite Systems. These are fixed at an exchange rate of 1.00c = $1.00 US, and most establishments will accept US cash, although purchases and sales are usually made with credit cards or electronic payment methods, and getting change back is not guaranteed, since coinage is generally in short supply.


Rentals in designated apartments are available for L$ 5.45 per prim per month (approx. L$ 1.25/week). To get a rental set up in another area, contact Tamara. We are not interested in commercial tenants at this time, although third-party products designed specifically for use with Nanite Systems products may apply for shelf space at the NS store.

Is there really no crime on Eisa?

No. This is a propaganda cliché created by Nanite Systems as part of its censorship campaign to prevent news of corruption and social unrest from reaching the stock markets of Earth. It is intended as a operating principle for journalists who don't want to be deported, but local magazines and newspapers are unhesitating in their criticism of the company's policies.

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