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Linden grid account krystalmatrix Port of origin Xailiv Station
Family name Personal name Kazumi
Affiliated organization NDS
Place of birth unknown Date of birth unknown
Education and work history Her backround before working at new dawn systems is a mystery. Assigned to the NDS clinic medical group until recently. She had worked as an assistant to a cybernetics specialist within the divisions augmentation branch. Currently unassigned and awaiting reassignment. Genetic modifications n/a Synthetic modifications A full robot body collected from one that had been damaged and decommisioned and then illegally obtained for use in building k4zumi. Modified BaCDrive controller setup to operate as a full robot controller while giving the illusion of a Cyborg with human reactions and thought processes. The only biological part of her being a laboratory created human brain, one programmed much like a machine since its creation for the sole purpose of powering the machine that is k4zumi while giving the illusion of being one from a born human. Alot of effort was put into the process to make the casual inspection show nothing more than any other normal human brain tissue. Reason for immigrating The apparent reason being that she is an off worlder visiting the colony with an interest in learning more about other corporate medical groups and practices. The actual unspoken reason being to gain a better understanding of the origin of most of the parts and programming of her original chassis. Biography An apparent cyborg more at home working with synths than humans.

A quiet one usually seen and not very often heard.

Model: BaCdrive
Serial Number: 990-63-9218 (controller), unknown (body)
Manufacturer: components from multiple sources, primarily, NDS Cybernetics Research, Nanite Systems Consumer Products Division, Barthes Asset Control
Date of Manufacture: unknown
last updated: 2018-09-15 20:21:29
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