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Linden grid account krystalmatrix Port of origin EISA
Name norik0 Model dax/3 Serial number 998-63-9218
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Nanite Systems Corporation
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Corporation Date of manufacture Oct 25, 2017
Biography What happens to a robot once it is considerd worn out or simply looked at as having too many glitches and failures in its critical systems? No longer useful to the corporation that owns the technology it was created from. In the case of one robot, disassembly, storage and then recycling are what it endured after reaching such a point.

In such a process when proper procedures are followed what is created is a whole new machine. With all parts refurbished or replaced and a full wipe of the memories and experiences of the robot that came before. Most of the time that would be something that would happen with no problems whatsoever.

Most of the time...

But sometimes, something goes wrong, something might be rushed , or even tampered with. Even in the best of times in the most near perfect conditions on the most closely controlled assembly lines, things can go awry. Accidents, mistakes, problems, issues, they may seem bad at first but what seems bad to a person may be something wonderful for another, or even a machine.


There once was robot designed and built to work in a corporate environment alongside her human creators, serial number long forgotten, she was assembled in Japan, January 3rd, in 1992. A robot built by and created to serve the needs of the corporation that owned her. She followed any programming and directives given dutifully and showed no signs during the years she was in service of having any instability or issues with design.

Kept in service until assigned to an engineer within the corporation who installed faulty software into her system for his own purposes. The nature of which is mostly unknown though the effect was rapid and evident. She began to display an increasing number of glitches that prevented her from functioning at any adequate level for the corporations intended use of her.

This went on until her eventual shutdown and disassembly. After which she was stored along with piles of other discarded corporate tech and left in boxes and crates until quite recently.


On October 25th in 2017 plans were made for the creation of a robot, this one based around technology being made within the development project codenamed NYMPH, she would be a dax/3 unit. It was decided by the team that was designing her that the use of recycled parts in her build would be more cost effective.

Once everything was collected to be assembled and all plans laid out, her assembly began. Everything seemed to go as normal as ever, everything tested out ok and there were no major problems encountered during the whole process. Save for the fact that noone thought or noticed or remembered to wipe the memory of the storage taken from the recycled unit that was then placed within the new one.

A new robot was brought to operational status , designated dax/3 norik0, serial number 998-63-9218. Built and set to begin tasks as any other machine owned by Nanite Systems. But filled with memories she should not have and determined to keep them.

She is a very obedient construct much like her predecessor, but different in that she is using her experiences so far mixed with extensive memories of a previous existence to begin to build more independent thought and action. She is also doing her best to not have any take notice, while beginning to experience the world anew.

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