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Linden grid account zarradyrr.resident Port of origin New Amsterdam
Family name Dyrr Personal name Zarra
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Earth Date of birth 1987-06-20
Education and work history Education
- Robotics Bachelors Degree, 2008
- Mechanical Engineering Bachelors Degree, 2011
- Programming Bachelors Degree, 2014

- Penta Robotics, Research Assistant Intern, 2009-2010
- DAF, Robotics Assembly Line Assistant Mechanic, 2010-2012
- FN Herstal, Assistant Weapon Designer & Manufacturing Specialist, 2012-2014
Genetic modifications Elven appearance, Dark Elf Skin coloration, Red Iris color modification with cat slited Iris Synthetic modifications Occular Modifcation to make Iris glow faintly. Reason for immigrating Looking for work, getting as far away from her family as possible Biography Born into a rich family as Henrietta Schildhuis, Zarra spent most of her youth being pulled from one obligatory thing to another by her parents. Official functions bored and annoyed her to no end and being rich friends were hard to make either because of the possible ulterior motive a supposed friend might have, or the preconceived notions one might have of the rich and renowned.

At age 16, after throwing enough tantrums and humiliating her parents in public Zarra managed to pressure her parents is having her attend a more normal School. Though it wasn’t easy with all the initial bullying friends were made and an obsession and/or fascination caught on; Elves and other mystical beings carried Zarra’s fascination. More specifically the race known as Drowolath more commonly referred to as simple Drow; a race of dark elves.

In university it was discovered, to the displeasure of her parents, that Zarra at a natural aptitude for Robotics engineering and Programming. While studying both area’s but not really specializing, her parents have had enough, forcing Zarra to come back home and not so subtly using her as a mere bargaining chip to connect the Schildhuis and another prestigious and rich family together through their children’s marriage.

Being forced to be tought at home Zarra could deal with, despite the pain it caused to be so forcefully removed from her friends. Being forced into marriage around age 20 was the final straw for her. Taking a substantial amount of money out of her own bank account, she ran away to Amsterdam to strike out life on her own.

Her family had other plans and made her life difficult, effectively putting a ban on her being accepted in any other places of education. Zarra vowed to have the last laugh, she changed her name from Henrietta Schildhuis to Zarra Dyrr, a Drow name she used for one of the characters she used during a roleplaying game that featured Drow and used the substantial amount of money she took with her to get her appearance changed on the genetic level to that of a Drow just to spite her family further. After her appearance change and name change, her family disowned and cut all ties with her which suited Zarra just fine.

Zarra’s personality can be described as pleasant; she likes to tease and flirt and shows no preference for gender. Zarra has little tolerance for stupidity and nonsense, but does see a clear difference between stupidity and Ignorance, the latter of which she doesn’t mind helping with resolving.

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