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Linden grid account lillycicaskes Port of origin Earth
Family name Stark Personal name Aurora
Affiliated organization Private contractor
Place of birth Europe Date of birth 1996-06-17
Education and work history Studied as security officer, Being in the miltary on several humanitarian operations. Genetic modifications NS 476 Aegis Reason for immigrating Life saving after car accident Biography Lived and grown around Europe as her family kept moving durring her mother and father being in military, she was use to have no friends, always in a different place. By the age of 16 she had graduated the academy at the UN military school when she lost her bout parents durring a siege in a dispute area they were dispatched. Left in the world alone she decided to explore the universe. There was nothing that was keeping her back on Earth. Her first visit was at Mars as it was harsh and  she had to take advantage of her military skills to survive, sometimes even against the laws. Day by day she was growing until one day she have found her self living in Olympia. It was not easy, but she do managed it in her usual matter. There was a beautiful day at the park, where she was having her lunch everyday. Dressed in a short black skirt and a matching jacket of one of the finest fabrics, the white shirt beneath was slightly stretched at the buttons from her growning still young perky breasts. She enjoyed the view at the garden. The sun shining on her face just like home... at Earth. There was that half asleep taxi driver, that had lost control over his hover taxi and he bumped a tree, she heard the bang and just was about to turn when her eyes met the horror of the vehicle flying stright over her hitting her with its entire weight. The world fell in darkness in her eyes. There was no bird songs she could hear anymore, there was only that loud noise in her head. People screeming, and a sirens echoing in the distance, her body was laying down in an ugly position as her blood stained the grass around. When she woke up there was that blinding light and she could see through it. People was talking near but she could not understand them nor recognize any familiar voice. There was a woman that was watching her above her face. Explaining in a words she could not make sense of. Then she fell in to sleep again. A year have passed when she felt alive again, opening her eyes as the world was looking different. They have had to take a decidion without her consent. The ambulance was to late and she was about to die, but they have thought her as a wealthy woman worth saving. Several body modification were also required as a main controller that was connected to her bones and muscles through nano wires so she could move and walk. She had her skin geneticly recovered. The world seemed different for her then before, day by day as she got stronger, they have tested several controlles so to see the proper fit and modifications. It was a  strange feeling of something else inside her, something new and unfamiliar. She check out the next year after they made her a birthday party at her 22 year. Half a human half....something else, she had to explore the world as it is, with this new life she was given.
last updated: 2018-10-07 12:31:12
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