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Linden grid account combiner
Family name Einsetter Personal name Soren
Affiliated organization Interstellar Treaty Organization
Place of birth Charybdis Station, Jupiter Date of birth 1991-03-29
Education and work history Graduated Zeus University, Baccalaureate in Extrasolar Ecology, 2012

Enlisted in the United States Navy, promoted to OF-2, 2012-2013

Enrolled in the Office of Naval Intelligence, 2013

Contracted to ITO as mediator towards extrasolar colonial division, 2014

Prematurely discharged with honors from the United States Navy, reasons undisclosed. Hired by ITO, 2015
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Standard ONI implants inside of cortex, augmenting memory and perception Reason for immigrating Contracted to NS as a security consultant Biography ((Gonna write it here once I've got it thought out and finalized, promise.))
last updated: 2015-10-01 16:55:12
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