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Linden grid account doctor.olrich Port of origin Earth
Family name Fizzcrank Personal name Bjorn
Place of birth Detroit, Michigan USA, Earth Date of birth 1989-03-21
Education and work history Masters in Advanced Cybernetic Technologies from the Detroit Robotics Institute
PhD in Synthetic Cyborg Enhancement Technologies from MIT

Worked for 7 years at Techtronic Bioscience Laboratories in the practical applied robotechnics department.

Started his own business on Earth called Fizzworks, a general robotics design, repair, and enhancement business. (Sold to pay for his travel to Eisa and establishing his new business on world.)
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Cybernetic eye, Cybernetic left hand, Prehensile boom limbs from back with two additional security feeds, Aural enhancers with media port upload for internal media playback. Reason for immigrating Passionate about the construction and enhancement of robotic lifeforms. Biography Bjorn Fizzcrank, known as The Fizz to his friends and colleagues on Earth is a passionate robotics enthusiast. He has spent his life in the pursuit of advancing robotics culminating in his move to Eisa to advance his studies further than was possible on Earth. He established a successful repair and upgrade business on Earth and was able to secure a large enough sum upon selling the business to make his way to Eisa and establish his new pursuit and true passion, the development of hyper-realistic pleasure bots for men and women to enjoy. While never caught for any crimes he has committed more than a few immoral acts in the pursuit of advancing his understanding and replication of various anatomy.
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