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Linden grid account francescoloveyou
Family name Fizzcrank Personal name Raven
Place of birth Detroit MI Date of birth 7-8-1987
Education and work history mechanical engineer degree,and advanced combat system specialist engineer master

worked as military space marine for 10 years

worked for his brother in his workshop on earth for 2 years

Genetic modifications Seed D,his body is human but he has enhanced strength. Reason for immigrating working for my brother Torbjorn Fizzcrank Biography Strategist, Hero., Raven Fizzcrank is a ex Space marine a talented engineer and a peerless leader of men.On age of 6 he was separated by his brother Torbjorn and forced to endure a brutal military training .On age of 12 he had his body implanted with the genetic seed D ,giving him superhuman abilities,he has double of a normal human strength ,can resister without eat for 8 months and his libido and sexual drive is ten times a normal human.He served the us government for almost 10 years as combat engineer and soldier earning the medal of honor .On age of 30 he met his brother again after 24 years and started to work for his workshop in Detroit .Raven traveled with his brother for reach the mining colony of Elsa in 2018.
last updated: 2018-11-12 18:03:34
Raven Fizzcrank
posted 5 years ago ยท last updated 5 years ago
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