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Linden grid account merana.levy Port of origin Kyoto (Tokyo) Japan, Earth (Via Tia Tenga)
Family name Levy Personal name Merana
Affiliated organization Ashagi Heavy Industries (former employer)
Place of birth Kyoto (Tokyo), Japan, Earth Date of birth 1968-07-12
Education and work history Education:
Graduate of Kyoto Technical Finishing School: 1984 (age 16)

Currently holds doctorate degrees in Bio-medical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, nanotechnology, computer programming, and cybernetics.

Currently has licenses for atmospheric piloting, shuttle piloting, and small spacecraft piloting.
She also currently has valid permits for small and medium weapons certification, and has a concealed carry permit.
Her military service record shows she's qualified to operate everything up to capital star ship weapons.

Work history:
Japanese military service 1984-2000
Enlisted into the technical division. Service record is classified, with the noted exceptions.
1990: Volunteered for the 'Cyberbrain' program. Neurological re-mapping to digital cyberbrain 98% successful. No abberations detected.
1999: Sustained grevious bodily damage in helicopter crash. Cyberbrain transferred to android chassis. Integration successful with minor modifications.
2000: Medical discharge with honors.

2000-2017: Employed by Ashagi Heavy Industries.
Final job title: Chief of research, special projects division F72. Research and Development group: Products.
Genetic modifications N/A Synthetic modifications Prototype Cyberbrain in a AHI Gynoid Chassis. Chassis has been modified by the user. Estimated retail value in excess of $41,560 based on NS pricing equivalents. Reason for immigrating Easier access to aftermarket parts for Chassis. Research. Employment. Biography The cyberbrain project was an attempt to transfer a human mind into a cybernetic surrogate 'brain'. The project succeeded in 24 subjects representing a 65% success rate. The project did not progress beyond the prototype stage due to international concerns.

Due to the unique nature of human neurological development, each cyberbrain possesses a unique 'operating system' and is highly unlikely to be susceptible to outside software intrusion or conventional hacking. However due to the cyberbrain's advanced processing capability the subjects exhibited increased intelligence and near perfect information recall.  By fitting the subjects with a specialized neuro-interface they can connect directly to most data-jacks, and interface directly with connected devices, using them at an almost instinctual proficiency level. This includes modern 'net' connectivity, making the users highly sought after in research circles for their abilities to utilize existing databanks and parallel processing which rivals (or exceeds!) most supercomputers while making logical leaps in half the time of conventional machine learning algorithms. Most of the individuals involved in the cyberbrain program remain in military service, however the few who did not have disappeared into the employ of extra-national mega-corporations.

The Japanese government did, however, grant permanent citizenship rights to these individuals, appending their records to show that they are 'digital citizens' with all the rights associated with their human birth. This supersedes any classification through HART ยง5b.

Merana's injuries in the helicopter crash killed her biological body, but due to the reinforced cranial casing on her cyberbrain, she was able to be 'transplanted' into a conventional android body with only minor modifications.
((OOC: Of note, while her cyberbrain is not vulnerable to hacking the same cannot be said for her chassis.))

Given her purely synthetic  physiology, her maximum lifespan is unknown. With sufficient repairs and resources, it's entirely possible for her to rebuild her entire body as it wears out. When her cyberbrain begins to wear out, it's entirely possible she could simply transfer her consciousness into a new cyberbrain (assuming she'd built/secured a replacement). Due to the sheer volume of raw data involved, creating a duplicate of her consciousness is unlikely; and integrating it into a matrix other than a dedicated cyberbrain would likely result in catastrophic personality fragmentation and psychosis. A snapshot 'backup' is theoretically possible, but the resources required for that would be immense. Within the cyberbrain's construction are fail safes to ensure that a consciousness cannot be 'cloned'. In the event a duplicate is discovered, the consciousness with the earliest 'creation' date will be considered the 'true' version and the 'clone' will self corrupt and erase all data.

Her employment with Ashagi Heavy Industries (AHI) and it's assorted sub-companies and holdings is mired in red-tape. AHI's corporate structure is apparently very byzantine and complicated, with shell companies forming and dissolving as markets shift. This is further compounded by AHI's status as an Extra-national mega-corporation that is headquartered outside of Earth's recognized jurisdiction. AHI has branch offices on Earth (Tokyo/Amsterdam), The moon, Mars, Titan, Europa, and Sylva.
((OOC: It's rumored that AHI actively supports interdepartmental conflict, and that some groups take 'departmental warfare' a bit -too- literally. Assassinating rival department heads to secure funding is not unheard of, and the R&D groups are believed to be especially bloodthirsty. AHI will confirm she was a former employee, but will not comment about what she worked on. They seem almost a bit -too- interested in her whereabouts, suggesting that the parting was not as friendly as it would seem on paper. They likely want her back, and given their reputation they wouldn't be above kidnapping her to do it.))

Dr.Levy rates as follows on the Elysium AI rating system:
Adaptability: 5c equivalent.
Discriminatory Power: Level 3-4+ depending on linked computational hardware.
Scope Regularization: None/Human
Cognizance: Grade 4
Ethical Regularization: Category 0 * (note: Unit is legally recognized as human. Unit's construction also pre-dates HART.)
last updated: 2019-07-03 12:08:24
Merana Levy
posted 5 years ago
Merana Levy
posted 3 years ago
Final rank in Military: Chief Warrant Officer (W-2) (retired) awarded upon retirement for exemplary performance.
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