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Linden grid account sashasunderland Port of origin Arcturus VI
Family name Sunderland Personal name Sasha
Affiliated organization None.
Place of birth Arkham, Massachusetts, Earth Date of birth 1985-12-26
Education and work history Worked as an assistant librarian while studying and completing an English degree from Miskatonic University. Genetic modifications None thus far. Synthetic modifications Became an Augmented sex Cyborg. Reason for immigrating New place to call home. Biography Sasha is originally from Arkham, Massachusetts and studied English at the world renowned Miskatonic University while being an assistant to the Librarian. As she continued her studies there, she had researched witchcraft and, for lack of a better word, became one. This lead to many small adventures for the girl, including lending a hand in re-animation. Mind you, she was no necromancer but she does know her way around spells.

After completing her studies and the current Librarian had retired; Sasha had decided to take up the mantle. Little did she know that adventures were to await the little book worm! Her discovery of many books pertaining to the subject of space travel had given her ideas of exploration. Sasha has explored many planets so far and is looking for the right one to settle down in. Who knows what Sasha will be up to now?
last updated: 2015-10-06 01:04:47
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