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Linden grid account jianbin Port of origin Hellas, Mars
Family name Gobdanoff Personal name Grynchka Middle name(s) Georgina
Place of birth Hellas, Mars Date of birth 1985-10-30
Education and work history No formal education can be found under the name "Gobdanoff".

The bulk of Grynchka's career, at least under that name, has been as a talent manager for exotic dancers, with the occasional hard-up DJ. By all accounts, she was fairly well-connected in Hellas' nightclub scene, but also difficult to negotiate with and more than a little greedy.
Genetic modifications Alterations to skin tone, ears, teeth, and eyes. "Goblinesque" appearance, consequent of these. Reason for immigrating A heartfelt and earnest desire to break into the Eisa club scene. Biography It is very likely that "Grynchka Gobdanoff" is an assumed name or was recently changed, as  it is a little too apropos to her extensive DNA-modifications.

Whatever the case may be, it is known that Grynchka grew up on the mean streets of Hellas in one form or another. She spent a significant portion of her life "hustling", in her own words. She never bothered to elaborate on what exactly this entailed; whatever it was, it concluded in her starting work as a talent manager some time around 2008. She emphatically denies any aid from the mob in forming connections with local club owners or corralling destitute young women, though whether this denial is a matter of personal pride or criminal liability is hard to discern.

Grynchka's clients have always enjoyed a very brief period of success followed by a precipitous fall from popularity. Names such as Maggie RADD, Noxene, and Scylla Scynner all had their proverbial day in the sun, but nobody save a few lovestruck dead-enders back in Hellas would remember them today.

Though not unprofitable, Grynchka eventually grew tired of cultivating flash in the pan sensations. She decided to depart Hellas for more fertile ground, though it is difficult to believe that this is her sole reason for doing so. In her arrival at distant Eisa, Grynchka may very well be hoping to move out of someone's reach.

At the spearhead of Grynchka's efforts to break into Eisa's entertainment sphere is the synthetic Metharme, who Grynchka presently owns but appears to have a sort of business accord with.
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