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Linden grid account kelpersey Port of origin Tokyo, Japan
Family name Jackson Personal name Rhys Middle name(s) Andra
Affiliated organization Underground
Place of birth Norfolk, USA, Earth Date of birth 1996-06-13
Education and work history Having finished high school with two scholarships, Rhys moved to Tokyo, Japan, to study biomechanics as well as robotics. Having graduated college, she was offered a job at Nanite Systems to help with the androids that were being produced. Genetic modifications Elf ears, Black sclera Reason for immigrating Job offer, now in hiding Biography At a young age, due to living in a wealthy family whom valued genetic modification to look presentable in growing society, they had Rhys ears modified to be elven. At 16 Rhys asked for their sclera to be medically tinted black as their birthday present, and were presented with the modification. At 22, they were hired and susequently fired from Nanite Systems and went into hiding. Rumor has it that they are currently on the run from NANOSEC for harboring sentient androids.
last updated: 2018-11-30 14:46:49
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