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Linden grid account lexinethedemoncat Port of origin Earth
Family name Naevarra Personal name Alekatanis Middle name(s) Sarronistai
Place of birth Providence, RI Date of birth 12-26-1996
Education and work history Graduated magna cum laude from college
Volunteered at several animal shelters
Possesses a decent knowledge of robotics (self-taught, knows enough to get along)
Self-taught martial artist
Has worked at several libraries, along with a few stores
Hover mechanic
Machinist (she has a bit of a knack for fixing stuff)
Genetic modifications Skin pigmentation, tail, horns Reason for immigrating Looking for new opportunities Biography Aleka was born to a couple who were big names in robotics, and thus has never had much trouble in doing what she wishes to do. Despite coming from a relatively wealthy family, she has never particularly let it affect her, and has, for the most part, dedicated herself to being the best individual she can be. A fan of Dungeons and Dragons, Aleka has always found a strange kinship with the tiefling race described in the manuals. As such, on her 16th birthday, when most girls her age were asking for piercings or breast implants, Aleka asked to be genetically modified so that she could look more like her favorite species. While the process was a little painful and annoying, she was more than happy with the outcome. She did get some strange looks, but it was no big deal.

Everything in Aleka's life was going smoothly up until a few months after she graduated college, when, while leaving her workplace to go out with a couple of friends who had also undergone genetic modifications, she stumbled upon said friends being attacked by a group of extremists, and nearly died herself when, while trying to help them, one of the attackers stepped in on a different fight she was having and stabbed her in the stomach. While she and her friends all survived, the brush with premature death gave Aleka a lot to think about. Ultimately, she decided to move to Eisa, hoping to start afresh in a place where it was a little more socially acceptable to be weird.
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