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Linden grid account cyroneradurna
Family name Senrade Personal name Cyron Middle name(s) Allen
Affiliated organization New Saga Genetics
Place of birth Eiisr, Aglington East, Gelise 581g (Ferenae) Date of birth 12AD-1-25
Education and work history Educated through "college"
Master Healer
Expert in herbal remedies and pharmaceutical equipment (mostly earth based)
Loose experience in combat, especially in blades
Requires energy (mostly light energy) to sustain. 
Genetic modifications Radioactive injection into the Iris. Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Opportunity to learn, expand horizons, make history, and most of all to help Biography He was born on a planet much like Earth, except it was bigger with much more ocean.  His race being of a feline nature, looking like humanoid lions, tended to be of a more tribal culture. Despite being primitive in ways, they were much more advanced in others, like unlocking the powers of the almost supernatural phenomenon of the Sun and Moon.  Because of generations of exposure to the energy given off by the lights in the sky, his race has been able to harness this energy.  This has helped in the survival of the race on their very dangerous planet. Because of the relationship between his race and the sun and the moon, their religion is very strong. With the exposure to the radiation, it effects each person differently. Cyron is no exception. He was gifted with healing abilities for himself and others. He was being trained as a shaman, the tribes medicine man. He was sent to the capitol city to learn from the best medical school on the planet. It was there he felt drawn to new technology and the idea of leaving the planet formed.
        He is well trained on different techniques of advanced medicine and pharmaceuticals.  He is also trained in herbal remedies for those who either prefer natural treatment or can't handle modern medicine.  While doing the last section of his education, he had heard bout a position in New Saga Genetics.  It was many light years away, but his reason for leaving Ferenae was because their was nothing much left for him.  Because of the different sun on Eisa, he does not have much use of his healing power except for emergency situations. Even still he wants to venture out and make a new life for himself.
    After setting up shop and finding a nice little niche for himself within NSG, he found a particularly curious lioness named Dyveke Story-Ellison ( http://eisa.rhetori.ca/?id=36).  The two fell in love very quickly, and in turn where set to be wedded to eachother.  After her Scout controller malfunctioned, and learning all of the secrets behind it, he knew that he could not just leave the company to someone off the streets.  He then was promoted almost overnight to the Head of NSG, and at the same time claimed her as his unit as well (http://eisa.rhetori.ca/?id=153).  In a few weeks he upgraded her to the NS-476 Aegis controller, to ensure future problems were already something in the past. 
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