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Linden grid account rubberrob Port of origin Earth
Family name Bates Personal name Robert Middle name(s) James
Affiliated organization Gaga-Rin Colony
Place of birth London Date of birth 1988-03-03
Education and work history Studied GCSE Comms and Logistic Management

Cargo handler, Felixstowe Space Port, England
Cargo operative and Customs Manifest Administrator, onboard the 'Rurik'

Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Employment opportunities at mining colony Biography Born and raised on Earth and with little chance of making the grades for university, Rob worked on the cargo docks at the Felixstowe space port for freighters bound for Mars Utopia and further afield. When the opportunity arose, Rob joined the crew of a deep-space freighter called the 'Rurik.'

Whilst on a cargo run in the GJ-180 system, his ship came under attack. The crew were captured and the ship was declared destroyed with no survivors.

Now a prisoner, Rob became a pawn in an inter-galactic sex trafficking ring. After 6 years in slavery, he managed to escape.

Stealing a ship and on the run, he found himself on the distant colony of Gaga-Rin on the far-away moon of Eisa. Little did he know, the danger was only about to begin...
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