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Linden grid account alexiusaurum Port of origin He says Earth (but who really knows?)
Family name Aurum Personal name Alexius Middle name(s) Alex the chemist
Place of birth Somewhere maybe on the Earth? Date of birth
Education and work history Somehow he finished compulsory education, despite the bad results the institutions have realized that it was better to get rid of him.
He has no particular qualifications and all he knows is learned on the street.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Escaping from some trouble Biography He does not have very clear memories of his past, drugs and some mysterious incidents have had deleterious effects on his memory and his psyche.
He knows that as a child he lived in a degraded area where violence was the rule. There he met his best friend Xavier with whom he shared daring adventures through the streets of their city.
When they were two terrible teenagers they discovered chemistry at school, but applied to the creation of drugs that they prepared in the basements.
Always being together and sharing their unhealthy interests with passion, little by little the two understood that theirs was not just a friendship. They found continuous pretexts to be together, hidden where no one could see them.
One day, one of their experiments ended up badly in the basement of a building that they thought abandoned but which was in fact the base of a criminal gang. There was an explosion and some bad guys arrived in armed pack. Lying in front of those two boys and their chemical stuff, they brutally beat them, took all the drugs that were not burned and were about to kill them. Alex cleverly managed to escape, believing that Xavier was following him, but he was too weak and wounded, and he stayed behind. The last thing he remembers is Xavier's voice shouting "Alex, do not leave me here!"
After that, he escaped from the city exploiting the space transportation that had become the new business of the area, ending immediately in shady deals of smuggling and piracy.
His skills in the synthesis of drugs were his source of survival. But the use of drugs has produced damage to his mind such as loss of memory, paranoia and some attacks of uncontrolled nervousness. Sometimes he seems in a trance and then suddenly recovers.
He gets into trouble easily, every time there's an accident he's around. This is why he is always fleeing from the law or from some criminal gang.
Last time he managed to embark on a transport that took him to the Gaga-Rin Colony, where there seems to be some business opportunity.
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