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Linden grid account professor.serrta
Family name Grey Personal name Josuyo Middle name(s) Gnofeac
Place of birth Newton, America, Earth Date of birth 1993-09-12
Education and work history Little traditional education. work history- brief period of smuggling Synthetic modifications cybernetic Left leg and right arm and power cell in chest Reason for immigrating Drifter, looking to settle. Biography Having been born to a small town far from anything at all, Josuyo tried desperately to undo the shackles that where his ties to that town. he didnt have the money to just get up and leave, he was too unwilling to live like a homeless. he couldn't escape through educational universities because that would be more expensive than uprooting and leaving and no respectable establishment would hire him, due to his roots. the town he was from was known to be filled with sorts of outcasts. true as it may have been a  refuge unable to fit into normal society, anyone born to the families there are instantly branded as freaks. Josuyo eventually lost heart and was sinking into acceptance of his situation, that he may never leave. when he was at a rinky little bar inside his town, he noticed some shady looking sorts moving in the back room, he tried to peer in from his seat at the bar but the light was too dim and he couldnt hear anything that could have been said. a familiar face approached them and they exchanges packages, but before Josuyo could move to get a better look, someone grabbed his arm saying "best leave that business alone, those are outsiders, none too friendly sort either." cautious but intrigued, Josuyo staked out the bar until the own left, he intended to tail him home, but he never left, not even after closing hours, instead, he kept seeing shadows move to the back of the bar. he moved quietly around the bar, hoping to see whats going on when a long time friend suddenly appeared and threw his arm around Josuyo, saying "i didnt know you were in The Ring" he said, he went on talking and walking with Josuyo still squeezed in his arm until they were entering the back door of the bar which led to the basement. music was playing, drinks where being served. it seemed odd to Josuyo that the bar had an after hours bar under the regular hours bar, but then josuyos friend left for a moment and came back with a strange tiny sack. Josuyo immediately knew that whatever it was, it wasnt legal, so he tried to snake through the crowd to the exit when he bumped into one of the characters who he saw in the back room of the bar before. his hood was up and cast a dark shadow over his face. he looked long and hard at Josuyo, who was trying to know get to the exit without bumping into any more hooded figures, but before he knew it they had surrounded him, the tallest one was smoking something and said loudly, for everyone to hear, "seems one of you tracked bugs in, we dont much fancy bugs  knowing about our operations" no one dared look directly at him. he roared out again "we spend all this time making sure you lot have something special. most people wouldnt bother making the trips out here for deliveries and all we ask, is that you dont let bugs in when they might see our operations, witnesses are a dangerous thing in my line of work..." it went on like this for some time, but the fumes of what ever it was everyone was smoking got to Josuyo, his head felt like it was filling with water, all the sounds around him began to muffle out, his vision blurred and his balance began to fail him as he stumbled just by standing still. the man who was on his rant stopped and seemed to be just half an inch from Josuyo's face, laughing before he blacked out. when Josuyo came too, his head was sore and there was a rumbling sound, he opened his eyes to see he was tied to a seat in some sort of shuttle craft.  one of the hooded figures was there, only he didnt have his coat on at the time, explained to him that the boss had taken a liking to josuyo and that the boss took him to work in his little gang, right off the bat. having mixed feelings to start with, he realised this was his chance to get out of his dump of a town, he fully embraced it and worked with them for years, even at the loss of limb he stayed with the smugglers for years, keeping in mind he was rather barely more than a kid when he joined up. eventually the smugglers trade was getting fewer and fewer deal until the band broke up, but Josuyo now had money to do with his life whatever he wanted, so he left to settle somewhere, anywhere but home really, and thats the story thus far
last updated: 2015-10-29 02:36:51
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