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Linden grid account liffento.eldritch Port of origin Earth
Family name Eldritch Personal name Liffento
Place of birth USA, Earth Date of birth 1977
Education and work history Has taken computer courses in technical schools while on earth. Synthetic modifications Mostly cyborg body with a living brain and oXq.205.4i Relic controller. Reason for immigrating To find new opportunities. Biography Liffento used to help around with computers at his old neighborhood and is also known for his habit for making muffins.  One day he had an accident from an explosion while fixing up muffins that caused his body to be severely damaged.  Luckily his brain was left unharmed but the body was too damaged to save.  His brain was then transplanted into an artificial body that was built in the shape of a fennec fox with a new controller known as the Relic that was recently installed.  Since then; he still likes to make muffins but hasn't been as involved in his old community as he used to so he decided to travel to find new opportunities.
last updated: 2019-02-08 15:32:45
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