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Linden grid account veldara
Family name Lin Personal name Veldara
Affiliated organization United States Navy
Place of birth Bar Harbor, USA, Earth Date of birth 2001-10-28
Education and work history United States Naval Academy

Trained as a naval in ship doctor
Genetic modifications N/A Synthetic modifications Full body prosthesis with the original organic 25% of the brain intact Reason for immigrating Work Biography Records show that this subject enlisted to the navy during the opening months of the 3rd war.  With her background in the medical field she was good fit for the medical units that were in constant demand for more personnel.  According to notes from her superiors she was quiet unsociable but worked hard and performed her tasks well and without question.  Unfortunately this personality trait also limited her opportunities for promotions. 

Two years after obtaining the rank of Lieutenant due to exemplary service in the medical field, her ship was struck and the majority of the souls on board were lost, the survivors were few, only numbering a dozen.  She herself was gravely injured.  What was left of her and her shipmates were transported back to main medical facilities on Luna where they were able to repair and reconstruct their bodies utilizing cybernetics and full body prosthesis.  According to medical records she awoke a week later.  Then a month following her full recovery, she, along with the rest of the survivors, were awarded commendations for their bravery.

A few weeks after that ceremony, she was given a discharge with full honors.  This is where her record gets a little spotty, from what surveillance gathers, she signed up with a Private Military Company (PMC) for a four year stint and worked as a mercenary.  Along the way she received numerous upgrades to her body, mainly surplus from the French Military or from 3rd party companies.  The PMC mainly worked for corporations as their security or for their asset retrievals in hot zones, nothing illegal as far as we could tell.

Since leaving the PMC about three years ago, she's laid low and is currently living a civilian life.
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