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Linden grid account foxdiefox Port of origin Tei Tenga
Family name Personal name 流子 Middle name(s) 妖怪
Affiliated organization 妖怪戦隊エンジニアリング
Place of birth Shuijiao, Tei Tenga Date of birth 1994-03-19
Education and work history Classified Synthetic modifications Easily swappable forged carbon fibre limbs, Nitinol tail, Graphene body. Reason for immigrating Research, Data gathering. Biography Born in 1994, this individual has been assigned to collect data regarding human and android behavior, whilst still being fully capable of operating in a warzone. It was born on Tei Tenga, although it's been modified and trained by a Japanese company.

流子 has a androgynous apperance, with female leanings, though is able to easily change to any sex. Mainly male.
It's body can withstand 50 gPa of pressure, while it's limbs can deflect bullets up to a 30mm PGU-14/B shell.
White hair, a pair of horns, a pretty face, a Nitinol demon tail and wide hips are it's most prominent features.
Usually dons a black latex bodysuit.

Ryuko's demeanor is rather bratty, with the tendency of being a troublemaker, though is not enamored of interpersonal conflict.
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