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Linden grid account sebastianforyou Port of origin Kennedy Space Center
Family name Foryou Personal name Sebastian
Place of birth Dallas, United States, Earth Date of birth 1969-12-12
Education and work history Born in Texas, grew up in a larger metropolitan area.  Graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in psychology.  Worked as a counselor for a non-profit for many years.  As the stress of the job built, he began to dabble in photography as an outlet and enjoyed some limited celebrity status as his photos were slowly sought after.

Genetic modifications none Synthetic modifications none Reason for immigrating Sightseeing and a change of pace, new photo opportunities Biography His parents were killed in a bombing that was first thought to be an accident.  Frustrated by the lack of follow up done by the local authorities, Sebastian began his own private investigation.  He currently believes that the terrorist escaped to Eisa.  Now, with a hunger for some vigilante justice, he has relocated to find the murderer that killed his parents and the other 23 people in the building.

In prep for the move, he secured TART, believing she will be an asset for him in many ways.
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