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Linden grid account ikhana Port of origin Hillside,Orocan,Asylus
Family name Harmon Personal name Ikhana Middle name(s) Mathias
Affiliated organization Takakura Industries
Place of birth Hillside,Orocan,Asylus Date of birth 1992-03-16
Education and work history -High School
-Takakura Industries
Genetic modifications none Synthetic modifications none Reason for immigrating Business Biography Was a frontier kid, bit of a scoundrel. Eventually struck it out on his own living a bohemian lifestyle; Seeing the galaxy, getting familiar with various cultures, and people. This led to him developing a vast network of contacts , and knowing how to operate in  the seedier parts of society. Later on though Ikhana settled down in Takakura Industries, working his way up the corporate ladder, and eventually granted the lead position of acquisitions.
last updated: 2019-05-01 15:39:58
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