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Linden grid account coquito69
Name Chrissi Sinjiko Model Human Serial number 998-42-1827
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Lestat Sinjiko
Manufacturer Sinjiko Industries Date of manufacture 1992-04-24
Biography She is a specially designed model from the Sinjiko Industries, made to the CEO Lestat's special requests, just like her sister model Lilith, except she was designed to look like a human love of the CEO's.

She has the same adaptive AI that allows her to seem almost human. She is very protective of her owner and knows how to defend herself verbally. She has never been one to understand what human call drama and so when someone attempts to make her "feel", she tends to just tilt her head and compute what "feelings" are and why humans have them.

She is her owner's cum slut queen, she belongs to him and only him to use as he see's fit even if that included letting other's have their way with her robotic body.

If this bot is found away from her owner, kindly return her undamaged. Her Owner would like all to know that she does bite, so it's best to just leave her be, she will be perfectly fine on her own.
last updated: 2019-04-23 23:21:00
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