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Linden grid account damienlestat666 Port of origin Elysium, Mars
Family name Lestat Personal name Damien Middle name(s) Vlad
Affiliated organization N/A
Place of birth New York, NY Date of birth 1981-12-31
Education and work history Education:
  K-8: United Nations International School
  High Shool: Townsend Harris High School
  Technical: Masters in Engineer in Computer Science, Minor in Computer Science
  Navy Seals
Genetic modifications Enhanced Brain Function through Gene Editing Synthetic modifications Full Body Replacement and Nanite Enhanced Humanlike Metalloplastic Skin and Tissue, oXq.25.4i Controller With ATOS/E Software Reason for immigrating To Pursue Gainful Employment Biography Was born in New York, NY.  Was abandoned by my parents at 3yrs. Grew up in foster home until College Where I studied at MIT until 23. At 23 Jioned the U.S. Army until recruited for the Navy Seals at 25. At 30 I joined Homeland Security where I worked for the Anti-Terror Division. At 34 was injured by a terror attack on our unit. Whole body replacement was necessary. Expenses were paid by a classified organization. Recovery led to employment with Academi Private Security. I worked for 2 years before resigning due to personal reasons. On Earth I was subject to hate and prejudice due to my enhancements. I left from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California to Elysium, Mars seeking employment. I was told about Eisa and decided to give it a try. I arrived in Eisa 2 days ago.
last updated: 2019-07-03 07:33:02
Damien Lestat
posted 4 years ago
Hope to be able to Rp when the SIM is ready!
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