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Linden grid account malicestriker Port of origin Outer Terminus Waystation, Pluto
Family name Lessen Personal name Amelie
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth South Aetheria City, Aetheria, Mars Date of birth 1979-12-27
Education and work history Graduated SCL Bonaparte Academy, Aetheria - 1996

University of Elysium, 1996 - 2008
Doctor of Biochemistry (Exobiology)
Doctor of Medicine (Genetic Sciences)

Chief Medical Officer, NSS Bellerophon, 2008-2010
Nanotrasen Corporation (Titan, Jupiter) - Researcher, Biofuel R&D, 2010-2013
Nanotrasen Corporation (Charon, Pluto) - Research Director, Xenofuels Project - 2013-2015
Genetic modifications Experimental "Tachygenics" Treatment (Patent Pending) Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Employment and Seeking Investment Biography From a comfortable and wealthy upbringing on Mars, Dr. Amelie "Amy" Lessen is now an avid xenobiologist and genetic researcher.
With a history of outstanding academic performance and unparalleled work ethic (deemed a workaholic by some), Amy seeks out new and experimental fields of science that push the edge of modern understanding of biology and genetics.

While working for the Nanotrasen Corp., the "Xenofuels Project", an advanced foray into the development of genetically-enhanced biofuel production, produced unexpected results in the form of new potentials for genetic augmentation. Dr. Lessen began a side-project to develop a version of these treatments suitable for human implementation, and in a brash display of confidence, used herself as a test-bed subject to prove the concept to the board of directors.
Ultimately, the corporation's interest in the project didn't pan out, and after a short legal dispute over the rights to the human-applicable elements of the research project, Amy retired from the company with the rights to the discovery intact, though the approval for the patent to the multi-stage treatment and related pharmaceuticals is still pending.

Following her legal acquisition of the groundbreaking, but highly experimental new method of genetic augmentation, Dr. Lessen has ventured to the corporate colony world, Eisa, seeking high-tech research companies for employment, and licensing of the new treatment.
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