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Linden grid account haydendatascape Port of origin Tei Tenga, Shuijiao settlement
Name hayd3n Model Persocom Serial number 885-55-0001
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Dr. Li Xiu Ying, Shuijiao Research Institute
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Consumer Products Division Date of manufacture 2016-07-18
Reason for immigrating The primary reason for the unit being relocated , was to allow time to interact with other types of units. In a way to become more used to working with other machines instead of only human researchers. The secondary reason being to sate curiosity about part of the unit's origins. Learning information about the moon itself and the colonies found there. Biography Arrangements were made for the manufacture and sale of a robot built around the DAX/2 series controller system. A standard DAX series chassis chosen to house the basic configuration. The robot was delivered without issue to it's initial owner. A private owner, an affluent politically appointed research supervisor working on the moon Tei Tenga, in the Shuijiao settlement. Upon delivery even before first activation in the settlement, the robot was delivered to one of the research facilities.

It is there it was completely disassembled with care. All parts laid out and labeled, before being boxed and stored away. Within a few days a second synthetic arrived a persocom that had already been in use and active, built on Yutani Springs technology. it was shut down and laid out in the laboratory. Over the next few weeks the technologies were combined and the best parts of each kept and those not used tossed aside. The resulting robot then activated and programmed for its purpose as a companion to one of the directors of the facility.

Today the robot is still fully operational and has gained what some might call an awareness, others might simply call the synth awakened. It's owner is quite aware of the situation and has even been intentionally aiding in the growth of the consciousness of the machine. The robot in question has been programmed well to hide this fact from any and all casual onlookers and basic inspections. A key tool in the experiments at the facility where the synth was designed,

Synth hayd3n finds itself on the moon eisa at the outpost facility operated by Nanite Systems very often now. Transport provided by the research facility which created the machine, back to it's owners is monthly to run thorough diagnostics. Usually the trips there are only for certain curiosity about newer models of parts and the chance to interact with the scientists of the Research Institute.
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