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Linden grid account bleepbloopblap Port of origin Tanegashima Space Center, Japan
Family name Arx Personal name Suzuki
Affiliated organization Arx Maintnence
Place of birth Honolulu, Hi, United States, Earth Date of birth 2000-04-30
Education and work history US Air Force 1st lieutenant - Honorable Discharge
Yajima Auto Repair
Arx Maintenance (Present, Founder)
Genetic modifications Canine Gene Splice Synthetic modifications Synthetic Body - Sex NULL Reason for immigrating Buissness Biography Suzuki Arx was born on a small island in the middle of the Pacific from two Japanese immigrants. Yearning for more than sugar cane farming and appeasing tourists, he joined the US Air Force, and rose through the ranks rather quickly. He used the age old formula of do what you're told and suck up to the colonel and had an aspiring career ahead of him.

Unfortunately, that career was cut short. After an accident involving an experimental UAV and a C-17 on a routine training flight, Lieutenant Arx was uploaded into a synthetic body to save costs. He was Honorably discharged from the Air Force, and drifted around repair shops in Japan near his old base.

Eventually forming a knack for repairing synthetics, he (with the help of an old lawyer contact,) started his own micro-corporation and took ownership of his body. He had mild success on earth, but decided to follow the money to Eisa. Surely with such a prominent chain of robotics retailers on the planet, he would be able to find more success than the one or two units he saw at home? He packed what he could and sold everything else before boarding a hover taxi to Tanegashima Space Center, buying himself a ticket and a temporary work visa on this strange new planet. With a few thousand dollars to his name and a reputation for doing things right, he set out, eager to find his way on this strange world.

In the future, he hopes to eventually find enough success to afford a high end vat grown body, letting him finally escape this battery operated prison. Or, at the very least, a way to get his "little buddy" back.
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