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Linden grid account daeani Port of origin Earth
Family name Cordova Personal name Daeani
Affiliated organization Humans for Humans
Place of birth Philadelphia, USA, Earth Date of birth 1990-05-07
Education and work history 4 years college education.
Professional experience working in communications and marketing.
Currently employed as a lobbyist at the Humans for Humans political organization.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Reassignment by employer Biography Daeani has traveled to the Eisa colony as a political advocate. She is a member of the Humans for Humans political organization, which opposes the use of robots and AI technology due to its potential to infringe upon the economic opportunities of normal humans as well as cause the moral corruption of society through the cheap and easy access to robots that can fulfill anyone's most devious (and totally improper) desires.

A falling out within her organization caused Daeani to be sent to Eisa, considered to be the heart of the organization's opposition. Seen as a punishment of sorts, because the colony being under control of the Nanite Systems corporation makes it difficult to be a successful political advocate. Nevertheless, Daeani arrives with the intention to prove wrong those who doubt her and who sent her there just to be rid of her.
last updated: 2019-11-29 14:20:08
Daeani Cordova
posted 4 years ago
Hi, just wondering if there is any issue with my application. Thank you!
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