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Linden grid account viviennebalamori.resident Port of origin DIVIS Regional Headquarters at Pascia-V’Ira Orbital Station
Family name Balamori-Thorne Personal name Vivienne Middle name(s) Constance Anastasia
Affiliated organization Dobenhauer Institute of Volitional Sciences (DIVIS)
Place of birth Europa Colony, Jovian District Date of birth 1974-11-14
Education and work history 1992:    entered Europa University of Applied Sciences

2002:    completed Doctorate Studies on extra-terrestrial (off-Earth) research biogenetics, medical sciences, and cybernetic integration

2003:    joined the Dobenhauer Institute's Pascia-V'Ira research station as a research analyst under Dr. William Morgan, continuing studies on bio-integration of artificial material with biological entities and cloned tissue.

2007:    promoted to research lead with the retirement of Dr. Morgan. Initiated the AE:V project (Articial Enhancement: Volitional) to study the effects of cloning technology blended with varying degrees of artificial modifications.

2012:    Dr. Balamori is promoted to Divisional Research Lead following the successful display and scientific publication of the first fully integrated and completely independent AE:V unit, colloquially named Lilith-001.

2015:    Dr. Balamori departs Pascia-V'Ira station, leading DIVIS into new frontiers with an emigration to Eisa colony to expand her research into extra-solar lifeforms, and potential applications into medical and biogenetic science.
Synthetic modifications Cerebral computer processor - subdermal biogenenic quantum core Reason for immigrating Work related. Laboratory opening new veins of extra-Solar research. Biography Vivienne is a consummate researcher, examining her subjects with the studious, careful eye of scientific detachment. This has given her the impression of being cold and 'robotic' - despite the passion that stirs her heart in the pursuit of expanding human knowledge and understanding.

She excelled in school, her sharp mind quick to process data and its applications. While she was considered brilliant in the analytical sense, her appreciable empathic connections to the other students was less than stellar. Borderline narcissistic personality disorder (just don't tell her that), Vivienne can be a bit domineering, and invariably assumes she is always right - unless the empirical data proves otherwise.

Vivienne married soon after she joined the Dobenhauer Institute to a man she met while in studies. Her parents still live on Europa, and though she maintains a strong connection to her family, she speaks little of home - preferring to keep her gaze ahead of her, rather than behind.
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