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Linden grid account lohdonn.resident Port of origin Titan Spaceport, Jupiter
Family name leSabre Personal name Caroline
Affiliated organization NanoSec
Place of birth Paris, France, Earth Date of birth 1988-12-01
Education and work history Private security and military contracts, as well as some profitable moonlighting as a custom cybernetics enthusiast. Various different company assignments, multiple sovereign militaries and even one or two private individual contracts are listed. Specializes in forced entry, riot control and search and rescue missions. Genetic modifications Anthropomorphic genetic re-encoder (Equine) Synthetic modifications Too numerous to list (synthetic from the chest down, essentially, including all four limbs and multiple enhancements to the optics. Reason for immigrating Pursuit of satisfying work environment Biography Caroline is, at first glance, a run-of-the-mill contractor that bounces from system to system in pursuit of work. Her profile is completely squeaky clean, something of an oddity in a business where contractors tend to at least dip into 'legally grey' territory from time to time. Bachelor's degree in creative writing with a minor in history.
last updated: 2015-11-23 15:42:48
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