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Linden grid account lejardinde Port of origin Māhia Spaceport
Family name Harper Personal name Riley
Affiliated organization Regula Robotics
Place of birth Greenville NJ, USA, Earth Date of birth 1995-06-11
Education and work history Education
Greenville High: 2009 - 2013

Work History
Shop Cleanup @ Costa Autoworks: 2011 - 2013
Dishwasher / Cleaner / Server @ The Belt, Utopia: 2014 - 2016
Shipping, Transport, and Receiving @ Regula Robotics: 2018 - Present

Synthetic modifications Cybernetic right arm Reason for immigrating Work/Residence Biography Riley always dreamed of escaping her Earth life to become a space-faring, adventurous pilot.  Somehow, after stumbling her way through life, she made her dream a reality.  In present day, she is the Captain of the Cherry Bomb, an old mining ship turned into a small cargo hauler.  It's a piece of junk, but it's her piece of junk. 

By a young age Riley knew that her destiny was to be a pilot.  The perfect plan was set: go to Utopia on Mars, then somehow become crew on a mining ship (with little to no formal training), and then work her way up to piloting her own vessel.  Predictably to everyone except Riley, this did not happen the way she envisioned.  Shortly after her arrival to the Mars base the only work she could find was at a small bar, mostly frequented by some of Utopia's not-so-finest.

There is a gap in Riley's records at this point, it is noted that she remained on Utopia after suddenly quitting her job.  It would not be a stretch to assume that she got involved in criminal activities, despite a clean record.

The gap in records ends in 2018 where Riley was hired by 'Regula Robotics' a New Zealand robotics company that manufactures a wide array of robots, many utilizing Nanite Systems controllers.  Riley was hired for cargo transport, and receiving/maintaining inventory.

She remains employed at Regula Robotics as of writing. 
last updated: 2021-02-17 16:22:54
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