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Linden grid account jaywaters Port of origin Earth
Family name Waters Personal name Jacqueline Middle name(s) Lee
Place of birth Egypt, Earth Date of birth unknown
Education and work history Will Come back to this. Character still in development Genetic modifications Sensations INM Full Body Cum System Synthetic modifications NS Chasis- Various skins, Holo Pleasure Device Biography Fully autonomous Vampire/Demon/Gynoid hybrid Administrator. (cyborg, resisting assimilation and remaining fully autonomous)

Never one to fear the use of magic, I stumbled upon this strange alien device and began to try to unlock the strange hieroglyphics it contained.

Using a bit of alchemy, while conducting some experiments it exploded and everything went black. I am supposed to be undead, how could I have died yet again? Or did I?


Bleep....Bleep...System online
Status : JL2.0- fully functional

What in the fuck?
Interesting, yet another world to dominate. Let me make some tweaks to the OS.
System Overide Initiated.

There, that's better.
last updated: 2020-09-05 17:54:08
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