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Linden grid account mitsukio
Name M1ts1 Model Serial number 409-62-4107
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Security Division Date of manufacture
Biography This unit was manufactured for a firm that required replacement units to help care for the elderly and offer security.
After coming off the assembly line it was put into storage awaiting shipment to the company but before this could happen something drastic occurred at the
facility on eisa.

The emergency this caused the unit was activated and proceeded to follow some basic duties one was to escort organics to escape ships.

Looking around it found a hurt colonist pinned to the ground by a beam, Helping to remove the obstruction it picked up the injured and carried them to the ship.

Moments after it had entered the ship the doors closed and the unit was taken away and lost in the confusion and regarded as destroyed.

After the long voyage to safety the ship was emptied of colonists and cargo, the unit having been placed here was scanned and was found to be assigned to
the facility back on eisa and that it was registered destroyed.

They contacted the insurance company who concluded the unit was no interest for them so it was repurposed as a recreation unit and sold to the agency that
was dispatched to rebuild the facility.

During the long voyage and rebuild time the unit new designation and enhancements was put to extensive use by the rebuilding project.

After the rebuilding it was left behind to be repurposed which it quickly was, having a need to keep colonists happy it was assigned to the Digital Courtesan program.

Taken apart serviced and reprogrammed, enhanced and cleaned it was put into use by its new owners to be used as needed unaware of its past...
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