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Linden grid account taliserian Port of origin UNSCV Saratoga
Family name Sarkin Personal name Talia
Affiliated organization Nanosec
Place of birth Vancouver, Canada, Earth Date of birth 1990-01-07
Education and work history Highshool eduation, enlisted USMC 2007 (MOS 0317); served two tours, honorable disharge Synthetic modifications Aegis unit NS-476-54-4042, aka 't4li'; Standard USMC combat augments Reason for immigrating Employment Biography Born in Canada with dual citizenship, Talia enlisted with the Marines directly out of high school as a means of affording college.  After her second tour; looking at a choice between going lifer or getting out, she decided to try the civilian life.  A former NCO contact got her a job interview with Nanosec; and it looked like a good gig: bring a little law and order to one of the colonies, help people out and catch the bad guys.  She definitely wasn't expecting to catch the edge of an explosion (officially an 'accident') that trashed her patrol armor and peppered her back with shrapnel.  Unconscious and facing crippling injuries, her sergeant used the power of attorney she'd granted him (just in case) to have the former lance corporal 'upgraded' to an Aegis; indenturing her into NanoSec service.
last updated: 2016-01-11 17:59:34
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