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Linden grid account rhet0rica Port of origin JFK
Family name Wright Personal name Samantha Middle name(s) Rachel
Affiliated organization Nanite Systems Corporation
Place of birth Ottawa, Canada, Earth Date of birth 1988-11-12
Education and work history 2005–2010: Integrative Bioinformatics Program, University of Toronto
2010–2014: Computer Science (Computational Biology), McGill University
2014–present: CTO, Nanite Systems Consumer Products (at New York and Eisa)
Genetic modifications Unexplained ear augmentations Synthetic modifications Parieto-occipital implant for memory retrival and re-integration; adaptive active contact lenses Biography The daughter of the late Dr. April Voet, Samantha was an obvious choice to head up the newly-revitalized NS Consumer Products Division after its original CTO, Dr. Koichi Santei, announced his retirement. Generally kind-spirited, Dr. Wright is a believer in both the sentience and servitude of her company's robots, a state which she describes unabashedly as 'happy slavery.'

But that being said, Dr. Wright's perspective is amenable to well-reasoned arguments—and on a colony world like Eisa, which has many powerful alternative ideologies in play and a unique dependence on NS's robots, whoever can influence the opinion of this woman has the potential to alter the course of the colony's whole future.

Samantha has a special relationship with SXD rhet0rica, as they share (by coincidence) the same birthdate. This has culminated in the SXD carrying a copy of her personality around which is regularly synchronized with the original, a practise that can be very confusing to casual observers.

Due in no small part to her immense salary, Dr. Wright engages in plastic surgery at an almost recreational rate, often changing skin color and adopting corresponding aliases. Her personality and voice, however, remain constant, leading some to wonder why she even bothers at all. Perhaps she is merely breathtakingly bad at what she insists is 'roleplaying;' perhaps she has other motives for the constant shifting. Normal people just dye their hair, Samantha. Jeez.
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