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Linden grid account blindoracle.resident Port of origin Port of Ha'araan Space Dock
Family name Maximillian Personal name Jake Middle name(s) Banquo
Affiliated organization City of Ha'araan Government
Place of birth Cairo, Egypt, Earth Date of birth 2003-04-02
Education and work history Received home education to a High School GED level.

Born into wealth, the gryphon was met with any needs he'd like, and shortly after the death of his parents, inherited a large fortune.

Emigrated from Earth to live along with a close friend, King Iradium Piros in Ha'araan.
Genetic modifications Genetically modified post-birth, Age Acceleration Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Marooned due to faulty FTL drive Biography On a joyride with his friend, King Iradium, himself and the crew find themselves under assault by a solar storm, knocking out their FTL drive and forcing an emergency landing on Earth.
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