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Linden grid account denim.robonaught Port of origin Mars
Family name Robonaught-Brandi Personal name Denim
Affiliated organization Nanite Systems Medical Services
Place of birth Utopia, Mars Date of birth 1980-10-25
Education and work history Current occupation: Independent field medic affiliated with Nanite Systems Medical Services.

1980 Born Utopia, Mars
2002 Graduated at University of Elysium
2003 Trained and hired at Chanchez local hospital
2006 Enlisted with the IMDF as field Medic
2017/02 Transferred to Eisa colony
2017/06 Affiliated with NSMS
2019 Advocating for well being of discarded robots

Genetic modifications Enhanced muscle capacity, infusion of leopard dna (with side effects) Synthetic modifications Memory assist chip to counter dementia Reason for immigrating Better living conditions Biography She lived on Utopia most of her life, working as a field medic with the IMDF.
She transferred to Eisa colony's NanoSec in 2017 as Utopia was becoming to harsh of an environment. After arriving and "tons n tons of" paperwork she was assigned to the NSMS as field medic by NanoSec.

In 2018 she befriended a discarded companion gynoid, which she restored as good as possible. Since her technically expertise was limited, she used scrap parts laying around and uploaded core medical software into its brain to fill in some of the memory gaps. Although not an official owner they regularly meet up for maintenance.

During this friendship and encounters with other discarded robots, she started advocating for better support of older robots. Since this was frowned upon by higher society, it  put her job at the NSMS on thin ice.

Now she has a lot of high status people against her, and the medical humans shortage is the only thing keeping NSMS from outright removing her, placing her closer to NanoSec than NSMS. Until humans are no longer needed of course.

last updated: 2021-01-10 12:46:01
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