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Linden grid account daekar.crimson Port of origin Elysium Spaceport, Mars
Family name Crimson Personal name Daekar (Lune) Middle name(s) Wyvern
Affiliated organization DRGN//Systems
Place of birth Olympia, Mars Date of birth 10/27/1988
Education and work history Education (Private Institution [REDACTED], Mars)

PhD (Summa Cum Laude) - Nanorobotics in Military Applications
- Dissertation: Nano-scale Ablative Plating with High-speed Regenerative Qualities: Systems and Schematics
- Result: Scalable ablative armor generators for synthetic/robotic combatants up to capital class starships.

Masters - Material Engineering - Composite Materials and Electropolarization Hardening
- Thesis: "Applications of Active Electro-Hardening: Swords and Shields in the Modern Age"
- Result: Theories on "Energy Swords" were ultimately rejected due to practicality and deceptive naming conventions. Designs for lightweight electro-hardened riot shields and armor plates are actively being developed.

Masters - Material Engineering - Superconductive Materials and Interfaces
- Thesis: "Removing the Drawbacks of N-Limit Electron Transport -- Optimizing Heat Management of Superconductive Junctions and Capacitors: Using PFC with DC to Extend Thermal Limits of Host Systems"
- Results: Thermal overhead of high-draw systems using Pulsed-Frequency Current are reduced compared to traditional Direct-Current designs, but further optimization and research is required for practical application.

Masters - Quantum Cryptography and QE-Communications
- Thesis: High-Throughput QEC for Remote Combat Drone Operation: A Practical View
- Result: Military applications under investigation. DRGN//SYS: BWX//DAE (DRGN//DAE) X-5 S.T.O.R.M. Developed

Certification - Graphical Information Systems

Published Works (Publication):
- Q-Encryption and QEC: Augmented Reality for Remote Soldier Deployment (Fortuna Military Science Academy)
- Regenerative Electro-Hardened Armor Systems in Space Engagements: Less 'Bang' for your buck. (Orbital Defense)
- Modal Defense Systems for Ground and Avionic Combatants: Shield//Cube (COMBAT Weekly)

Work History:
Founder: Black Wyvern Arts - 2006-2015 (Discontinued after experiencing stress/trauma induced stroke.)
- Cover project; Specialized in [STRIKE]synchronous encrypted communication networks[/s] dance club lighting.

Founder: DRGN//Systems Technology and Innovation - 2018-Current (Recovery from neural failure ongoing.)
- Military Applications; Discreet Infomatics and Combat Peripherals.
Genetic modifications Exstensive: Morphology altered to that of an anthropomorphized dragon. Black and red coloration. Synthetic modifications Minor: Neural/ODN interface for testing and development of systems for Synthetics without full-body replacement. Hard-light console projector in left arm for data entry. Reason for immigrating Expanding company outreach, third party applications for Nanite System combat robotics. Biography Lune Wyvern Crimson is first son to Xy and Cassandra Crimson, owners of Crimson Arrow Military Applications (CAMA, Mars)

His early life was spent in rigorous private school, training to head the company. He was 'allotted' few friends, and fewer opportunities to explore and express himself. Cold, calculating, brilliant, but closed off and uncaring. Everything the heir-apparent to a major military contractor should have been.

He was fitted with an experimental Neural/Optical Data Network Interface (N/ODN) as he reached maturity so he could interface with company servers and projects much more efficiently. It would tie into his central nervous system slightly below the brain stem and could allow him to plug into a system and control robotic combat units as if they were his own body through filtered sensory feeds. (Documentation for neural augment system can be requested through Mars Olympia Military Medical)

As Lune entered his university years, his parents died in a tragic weapons testing accident. A large portion of the complex was demolished when experimental technology designed to de-cohere the Quark/Gluon matrix of particles subsequently created a 'space-time void'. Naught was left but a spherical hole in the structure. The experiment was ultimately considered a success by the board, but, due to the hazardous and fundamentally illegal consequences of such tech, the undercover government overseers seized and closed the company. What happened to the research and technology involved is still classified.

Due to some unfortunate circumstance, this was the very line of education Lune was participating in at the time. At least in a theoretical foundation. Application was still supposed to be decades away. Stripped of both parents, armed with a unique and grotesque understanding of why, he immediately denied his legacy of power through power and turned his focus to protection. He took up studies in advanced armor systems, miniaturization of starship navigational deflectors, and quantum cryptography.

Part of his inheritance required him to 'lead one of the companies' his parents controlled, and coincidentally, one of the few assets left under the estate's control was a small startup called Black Wyvern Arts. They had been acquired for their use of wide-area synchronization networks; multiple different systems could be tied together in perfect sync without the need of extensive communication backbones. He used the company to further his research into quantum communications, under the guise of dance club lighting systems. They took the entertainment sector by storm. Clothing that could seamlessly interface with the lighting of the club you walk into, DJs capable of 'phasing' entire clubs and their patrons at the touch of a button.

On the surface, things seemed well enough, but secretly Lune was in turmoil. Losing both parents left him without a sense of order and control, the formulas of the experiment would haunt him like grotesque mathematical nightmares. He coped by working himself to the bone, shutting himself off even further from others who would be his friends. Eventually the stress became too much.

He was rushed to the hospital with symptoms not unlike a stroke, but without physical indicators, no official diagnosis could be given. He was ultimately released once it was determined his body was intact; but the same couldn't be said for his mind. He had developed tremors, and suffered from PTSD and extensive memory loss. Damage to his hypothalamus was suspected, but never conclusively determined.

Lune spent the next three years completely out of commission, but his drive was no less diminished. He began teaching himself how to program again, using all of his previously stored data and experiments. He may not have remembered how most of it works, but he hadn't lost his intellect and capacity for learning. And so he got to work.

Now, having recovered most of what he lost and with a renewed vigor, Lune founds DRGN//Systems, as an experiment to see if he can put his ideas to use and make his own mark on the universe. Part of this revolution of his was getting extensive gene and body mods and changing his given name to distance himself from who he was. While he does not mind, and will eagerly respond to Lune, his official paperwork now lists him as Daekar Crimson.

His current interest and hobbies include coding, design, invention, and tinkering in general. While he's the head of his company, he has any number of scientists and researchers to work on his ideas, making them practical. It gives him the freedom to explore. One of his projects, BWX//DAE, is a fully remote operated Synthetic Tactical Operations and Reconnaissance Model, based on the full culmination of his current remote operation and armor experiments. He'll often be seen utilizing this avatar through his QEC network from the safety of his lab. If he is seen in person, he'll often be strapped to a NS controller and whatever odd project he's currently working on.
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