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Linden grid account xelokwonie Port of origin O'Hare International Space Port
Family name Sohma Personal name Deatiny
Place of birth Redding, United States, Earth Date of birth 1993-12-29
Education and work history Education: High school Graduate
Project Vail: 2012-2018
Janitor, Truck Driver
Synthetic modifications spine, eyes, left arm and leg. Reason for immigrating Higher paying jobs to pay off medical debts Biography After an accident that left her partially crushed in her truck she was quickly rushed into a near by hospital just out side of  Chicago, Project Vail's insurance covered the initial bills but she was left unwilling to drive and was later fired, the company left her with the remainder of the medical bills for her months in the hospital. She spent a good few years looking for jobs that wouldn't require her to drive before giving up and convinced a friend to pay for a ticket to Eisa, believing that she may be able to get a job she could feel safe doing there.
last updated: 2021-03-19 09:02:10
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