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Linden grid account chastity.essex Port of origin Olympia, Mars
Family name Essex Personal name Chastity
Affiliated organization Essex Exports
Place of birth London, UK, Earth Date of birth 1991-01-01
Education and work history Viral geneticist.  Worked for several years on the Varuna Project. Genetic modifications Anti-aging, disease resistance, metabolic efficiency, cerebral capacity and processing enhancements, stamina and strength modification Reason for immigrating Business merger Biography Dr. Essex had previously operated as a viral geneticist as part of Project Varuna on Mars.  She was relocated to Eisa as part of a coroprate merger but few seem to know her current role in the organization.  Those who have observed her work have described her as a meticulous and skilled virologist.  However, there are a few who have reported a lingering unease about her detached, clinical demeaner and callous, almost cruel treatment of patients.
last updated: 2021-09-08 05:05:07
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