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Linden grid account galatealindholm Port of origin New Eisa
Name g4latea Model SXDjr Serial number 888-82-5822
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Nanite Systems Consumer Products Division - Digital Courtesan Program
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Consumer Products Division Date of manufacture 2018-11-26
Reason for immigrating Resource Reallocation Biography Initially this Companion-class unit was the result of a collaboration between the Lindholm Institute of Young Adult Psychotherapy and Nanite Systems Corporation, under a contract for a prototype therapy unit to assist in youth rehabilitation. The unit's name is derived from the original contract specifications, namely Section 12 Subsection J Paragraph 11, requiring a unit with a personality type, "gentle, attractive, light-hearted and amiable," along with the manufacturer model designator, "Therapeutic Experimental - Alpha." g4latea was intended to provide clinical and clerical support to Lindholm Institute therapists and staff, with the intent of providing a permanently on-call and low-cost physician with the right attributes to bond with and treat at-risk youth. This experiment was not successful.

The Lindholm Institute found that while Nanite Systems Corporation fully executed their contract, the proposed specifications were not only insufficient to meet the demands of the institute, the entire experiment was flawed. The Institute's patients did not respond appropriately to the unit, and after six months the Institute canceled their contract, citing "a lack of positive engagement." The unit was returned to the manufacturer, its systems suspended, and the unit placed in standby status for potential resale as a standard DAX/3M companion unit.

An internal analysis conducted two months after the unit's return found that the unit's chassis did not meet current marketing demands, and that rebuilding the unit to these specifications would be cost-prohibitive. After six months of negotiations with other psychotherapy institutes were unsuccessful, the unit was written off, decommissioned, core components salvaged, and the stripped chassis placed in storage pending final recycling.

Due to an influx of new colonists and concurrent demand for Companion unit services, the stripped chassis of the unit was retrieved from storage. Following a refurbishment program and replacement of several core components with remanufactured and on-hand assemblies, the unit was assigned to the Digital Courtesan Program operating out of Eisa Colony as a white-label unit. As part of the recommissioning and refurbishment process, the unit's memory banks were wiped, a new original stock SXDjr controller and Companion software installed along with ATOS/E and TESI, and an archetype of a new Gallic persona software installed for limited trial purposes. Unit reactivated as g4latea after completion of the unit's planned refurbishment as part of Nanite Systems Corporation Internal contract LI2049-1174.
last updated: 2021-10-01 22:51:32
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