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Linden grid account venerismater Port of origin Los Angeles International Airport
Name NS Gr3tch3n Model Revenant Serial number 478-67-88CX
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Battlefield Systems Division Date of manufacture 2/16/2019
Reason for immigrating In need of work Biography In late 2019, a startup company founded in Los Angeles, TEN PM llc, bought and modified 6 synthetic performers for their vision of an english-language synthetic idol group "POW+R". Although the marketing suggested the group was intened to compete with real idol-groups and the group did indeed perform in concert upon their debut, the "idols" mostly were rented out individually as escorts or dancers. TEN PM llc produced 7 songs for their debut album, all of which were pretty objectively terrible. Early 2021, a terrible accident occured at the company, leaving most of their idols inoperable, save for one gynoid that was sold back to Nanite Systems to help recoup the costs of the accident. Still doning her experimental ai and unique voicebox, NS Gr3tch3n is operable as a recreational unit, although her upkeep costs are prohibitively high compared to most.
last updated: 2022-01-07 12:13:13
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