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Linden grid account kane.ravenhurst Port of origin Earth
Family name Ravenhurst Personal name Kane
Affiliated organization N.A.
Place of birth Makami Village ( Tenjin ) Date of birth 08/24/1962
Education and work history Career spans over 30 years of medical and leadership positions in government, industry, and academic environments. Diverse background coupled with operational experience providing an extremely broad insight from technology, management and health perspective. experienced in psychology and neurology as well knowledgeable in the use of Mama Allpa, Pooter (OBGN & Paediatrics) and Tantra might those be needed.

Rp experience:

Prison Doctor

Olrich Hospital

Giano General Medical Centre

Liberty City

Lit City Medical Centre

Unity Alabama Hospital

Haight Bay

Santa Ramona Health Department.

Woodcrest University

Dreamville Hospital

OCPRC Researcher

OCPRC Medical Division

Tenjin Corporation

Morrigan Horten in LCAR.

The Hood Hospital
Genetic modifications N/A Synthetic modifications N/A Reason for immigrating Tsunami is about to Occurr in Tenjin within 3 weeks. Biography Kane is a quiet man heading towards the elderly stage of his life. Calm, composed, and polite, he engaged in medical studies in his youth. For over 50 years, he has been working within the health care system, yet he never managed to find a place to call home. A younger female generally follows him, and he seems pretty attached to her.
Lately, however, he has discovered an interest in robotics, and the nanites have been piquing his curiosity, wishing to find more about this modern yet miraculous technology.
last updated: 2022-05-12 16:59:08
Kane Ravenhurst
posted a year ago
I did applied my picture but i have no idea why did not picked up
Kane Ravenhurst
posted a year ago
Sorry managed to fix it now
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