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Linden grid account joey.rubanis Port of origin Chicago spaceport
Family name Gokua Personal name Tai
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Chicago, Illinois, Earth Date of birth 1987
Education and work history Educated in Lindbolm Math & Science Academy, recieved secondary education at Lincoln Park high School.

No secondary diploma

Worked as a gunsmith for a short period of time, self-employed.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Seeking to move to a quieter city, and willing to learn more about synthetics being made by Nanite Systems. Biography Tai Gokua, born in Chicago Illinois, is a small-time gunsmith, he was self-taught in weapons development, due to the fact that none of the schools he went to supported his ideas. On the side, he's always had an interest in robotics, technology, and system development, and someday hopes to create weapons that utilize high-tech computational equipment to assist with a soldier's aim, managing recoil, projectile calculation, and possibly internal weapon components for the eventual rise of mechanized soldiers to minimize human casulties in future wars. However, because ogf his lack in experience and education in actual business practices, Tai's gunsmithing business fell short, and he found himself doing most of his own work, rather than helping others with designing weapons.

A few years after he ggraduated from high school, he heard news of Eisa Colony, and how their robotics division was going beyond simple electronics, creating fully intelligent, articulate and adaptable androids - perhaps this could be the big break he was hoping for?
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