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Linden grid account equuea.eiren Port of origin Japan
Name Equu3a Model Aegis Serial number 476-97-7938
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization NanoSec
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Date of manufacture 2010-01-21
Reason for immigrating Security/Repairs/Labor/Demo Model Biography 476-97-7938 is a Aegis rifle solider unit built and used for ground warfare, with rudimentary companion functions second. Her large body frame is from being part of a prototype urban warfare design built to use brute force to deal with urban obstacles and personal combat.
After a couple of years of limited use, her line was decommissioned and this unit was kept as a experimental model towards the creation of more advanced Aegis models. Over the few years in the laboratories, this unit developed an easy going, subservient yet obedient personality that is still able to shift back to her solider duties on command. Her nickname "Equuea" was bestowed by the technicians in one lab that would compare her feminine but massivly muscled form to that of a horse. Her nature and stregth as also lead to her use in manual labor such as farm work and cart pulling
It was decided this year to ship this unit to Eisa's NS main store to be further experimented, displayed as a variation of where Aegis technology can go, and possible security functions. This unit carries a experimental plug-in in the form of her artificial vagina, which can enable more obscure NS machinery to access her systems.
It has also been discussed that this model may be sold to private individuals once it's felt her usage in NS experiments are over.
Her age and various experiments have rendered somewhat slow and naive as far as regular NS units are measured. Aside from her strength and heavy rifle programs, this unit also still carries concealed weaponry in various parts of her body.
  Unit is currently owned by NanoSec for standard security, maunual labor, and to be used as a display example of the directions NS Military technology can go.
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