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Linden grid account zuku.elska
Family name Lovestar Personal name Constance Middle name(s) Goodheart
Place of birth Date of birth 1990-09-05
Education and work history Major in  Anthropology with minors in math and computer science.

I have worked in a bio-research facility on mars , helping to set up and maintain their equipment...  before it as shut down and most doctors fled.    I'm not allowed to say too much, because of the NDA, but one of the things one of the things I helped get working some of their tech to get some of the animals' training from the recently dead, and into another.
Genetic modifications I don't even really remember deciding to to get all this fox stuff, but I still have a month memory gap following the accident. Synthetic modifications Additions: Neural transceiver, civilian energy-bubble shield. Prosthetics: Arm, Leg, Eye, Kidney, Spinal chord, Lung, Spleen, partial skin grafts.. Reason for immigrating 'Tired of the way I'm being treated back home. Biography I used to know a lot of scientists at the research facility on Mars,  but since it closed down, and everyone I knew there is fighting extradition, none of my references are helpful, which is a shame... I think some of them really liked me...  The head surgeon guy there used to leave me a lot of weird notes... on second thought, maybe it's not a shame.
Anyways, my records got messed up, and I'm dead in most public records, and my  fingerprints, retinal scans, and blood samples are no longer able to access my old accounts (even though I've never heard of cosmetic genetic modification leading to this).

Two of my sisters underwent conversion, but still stayed with us at the compound for a few years before they were conscripted.  During my during my rehabilitation, I started tinkering a lot with my implants, and since installing a transceiver,  I felt like I could connect with them again. Sometimes at home I like to spoof my signal to climb into their diagnostic beds or booths, and I imagine myself as one of them.  I used to try to connect myself to some of the Nanite Systems networks and lose myself, but I haven't done that since without thinking I drank a container of cry-fluid and wound up in the hospital, and losing my lung.  -- I don't do that anymore.. I was released and  cleared of being 'hackable.'  I'm okay now.

Anyways, I got into the hobby of tinkering with Nanite Systems units, and I hoped to maybe find employment as a service technician, or something else I might have the aptitude for.  I don't have much keeping home anymore. 
last updated: 2022-10-26 08:05:53
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