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Linden grid account aslan.gelbfarb
Name ALECS Model Serial number 998-234-34526
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Constance Lovestar
Manufacturer Linde bot avatars [further unknown 3rd party mod private firm] Date of manufacture 2022/05/05
Reason for immigrating Technical status: "adopted" by Constance Biography Name: Android Logistic Electronic Combat System [A.L.E.C.S.]
Parameters: stealth and instrusion specialist unit, Gestalt capable

ALECS is a [Earth government] AI unit with independant thought capabilities, but due to circumstances was forced to integrate with a lower spec servant model gynoid. Limited Hardware and Locked out of advanced systems hardware as the unit does not have milspec capabilities.

Backstory: Stealth espionage unit that was badly damaged, forced to wirelessly connect to an fresh in box blank service gynoid to upload a gestalt backup. primary body is lost but identity and mission parameters was preserved, though in a much limited non combat body. His mission was completed and the unit was informed to wait for reassignment and integration to new chassis. this has not happened after some time, and A.L.E.C.S. has made organic level assumptions that they're "burned". [human term for a under cover agent being dumped away as useless collateral.] with no prospects for maintaining as is, Alecs is required to find employment to continue functions.
Some minor system pruning and rewrites to avoid detection is more integrated in the chassis, as a maintenance and service gynoid.
one of the surviving file types retained was a set of maintenance subroutines and drink mixing parameters for undercover positions of janitorial and bar tending, which may be of some use.
assuming ALECS can at least find meaningful methods of self maintenance and power to function in the meantime.

Identified Elysium AI rating: pending upload to services.

Additional: Ownership papers by a Constance Lovestar confirmed, supplemental paperwork to be processed.
last updated: 2022-10-29 06:01:51
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